an update for 2013

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It's been over two years since my last entry, which I think can be blamed on the craziness of the last year of writing a dissertation and the ensuing craziness of being jobless and then finding a job and moving three times within the space of a year. That, and the existence of facebook status updates. I think there's still a place for the blog, though. Here are significant milestones from the last two years:

The Thesis: Proto-Ersuic (yes, my thesis title is one word!)

... well gee, I guess that's the only linkworthy news from the last two years.

Meanwhile I've been having server troubles since the server moved, but I think I've finally fixed the major issues: Phoenix Slides no longer complains about there being a new version when there actually isn't one, Movable Type has been upgraded to the latest version, and various CGI scripts are working again. Hooray!

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