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Ever since featured Phoenix Slides,
I've gotten zillions of downloads. I'm very impressed.

There's actually lots of great free software for the mac. Here's five, featured on freemacware:

  1. AntiRSI - reminds you to take breaks, very important!
  2. Google Earth - it's so cool...
  3. Audio Recorder - it's a one-trick pony, but it does it well
  4. QuickSilver - everything plus the kitchen sink... I use it all the time
  5. Taboo - this'll save you if you accidentally hit cmd-q in Safari with gazillions of tabs open

So this is my freemacware contest entry... maybe i'll win fabulous prizes!

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I just finished my Chinese translation of the Phoenix Slides help file. It bothered me that there's a German one now, but no Chinese, so I just sat down and did it. Of course, I started yesterday, and I've deleted large swath of the original English without translating, but the important parts are there. It's good practice, just the writing, and also the typing in Cangjie.

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After months of secret hard work, I've finally released version 1.0 of Phoenix Slides, a fast full-screen slideshow program/image browser. If you're on a mac (10.3+) try it out in all its multithreaded goodness. i've made the source code available too, since that's the nice thing to do.

the icon kinda sucks (the fire is the best part), but i like my logo.

versiontracker says it's got 175 downloads already and has two positive feedbacks. Someone even sent me a nice email thanking me for the program. And it's been linked to on a Japanese site ( and

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