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fancy bike wheel light

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i just found this link on wheel lights that spell out messages! is that cool or what?

One of the settings displays your current speed...

OK, I did some searching, and here's a Japanese site:

And a U.S. seller calls them "Hokey Spokes":

BART Widget

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If you ride BART and have a mac, you should install this:

It's very pretty, and is actually a model of interface design.

BART map

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They were replacing the BART System Maps today (they're changing the lines that go to SFO vs. Millbrae), so I retrieved one from the recycling bin at Embarcadero Station. It's huge and laminated and magnetic, and hanging on our freezer downstairs. It's awesome.

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so I finally figured out why my EasyCard (for metro, bus, etc.) beeps angrily at me every time I use it. apparently, it does that when your remaining balance is less than 100.

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