This page has been maliciously hacked. Whoever did this, you suck. However, thanks to Google's cache, I was able to resurrect the content. When I have time I will put up a new improved guestbook. Enjoy! -Dominic 2006.07.13
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video games 
United States
2006 May 31 (Wednesday) 16:17 

I've basically been doing nothing worth mentioning. Not much on my mind recently. It's not important. I haven't been up to anything recently, but that's how it is. I've just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. Today was a complete loss.
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2006 May 23 (Tuesday) 07:21 

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2006 April 27 (Thursday) 13:14 

Hey, I totally dig your icon for Phoenix Slides! Its a great program with a great icon. Please keep up the good work.
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2006 April 27 (Thursday) 07:11 

Can you make pages for foreign people? For example Spanish.
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Zoel Qui˝ˇnez 
2005 November 15 (Tuesday) 01:07 

I bet you never expected me to sign your guestbook. Hope all is well and I wish you much success. Linguistics ain't my thing, but good stuff. Although I have to admit that Noam Chomsky is one of the most intelligent and insightful men I have heard speak. He needs to get a little more excited, though. He's a hair away from comatose, even when he speaks. Aren't linguists supposed to be exciting people? I would think so:)
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USA Southeast
2005 November 3 (Thursday) 22:15 

Been fighting with sox 10.4.3 update, so thought I would say Phoenix Slides Version 1.2 (3) has not given me the trouble that "apple apps' have. Good show. They (it is always "they") have made changes that, are a time waster for 3rd prty apps - even preview is weird.

So much for the complaining. I dwnld the source and intend to look at it. The ability to maintain zoom, say actual size, when one returns to the pic (jpeg pdf...) would be handy. WARNING: i am an assembly lang kind, so maybe i can read the source and get all screwed up.

Thanks for your effort,

{ robin09 comcast net } [zero nine !oh nine]
(this is the email that gets spammmed)
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2005 April 12 (Tuesday) 21:34 

ok, i've fixed it. but you know, they _are_ the same place of articulation...
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David Chow 
2005 April 12 (Tuesday) 06:57 

Your site is moderately interesting! Thank you.
But, I think you might have misspelled the English word "my" in your latest entry. It is a frequent mistake, and so understandable, given the variations in pronunciation and spelling across the US. One way to remember that I use is that, being related to that other first-person pronoun "me," it starts with the same letter, 'm.' However, don't let that result in "ie" by remembering that both "me" and "my" have two letters, not just one. So they're like a little duo. Yay!
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2004 December 31 (Friday) 08:18 

visited this a few times dude
looks great - keep up the good work
sorry we missed you the last time you were in vancouver
have a happy new year!
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evelyn chong 
2004 December 27 (Monday) 02:32 

Hey dominic.. finally hear from u.. so i'm actually in this category ya? =_="

(a) i haven't talked to you
in a long while, but i still like you in some way shape or form and i
wanted to let you know how i was doing
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2004 May 27 (Thursday) 21:33 

I checked out the Menzies book from the local library but didn't read many pages before returning it. Thank you for assuaging my guilt. :)
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melbourne, australia
2004 May 15 (Saturday) 02:15 

hey dominic,

nice guestbook. virii attacked my computer and i found your blog in old bookmarks...

would you believe that one of my lecturers brought up the menzies theory the other week? the very same one who champions the logan alphabet theory?

oh well. :) she's fine really, but seems to have a weakness for pulp fiction.
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Big D 
The Sunset
2004 May 12 (Wednesday) 12:31 

testing the new guestbook
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2003 December 18 (Thursday) 22:20 

consider yourself googled.
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Lin Kuo-cheng 
2003 June 1 (Sunday) 05:54 

Hola, que tal?
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Nancy & Lucy Wang 
Albuquerque, NM
2003 April 13 (Sunday) 17:17 

Hi Dominic,
Hope you're having fun in Taiwan. Lucy says hi and she hopes to meet you soon.
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Ingrid Chan 
San Francisco
2002 March 7 (Thursday) 16:27 

Hi Dominic! Just randomly found your webpage and wanted to say hello. :)
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David Chow 
San Francisco
2002 February 26 (Tuesday) 17:32 

Just exploring.
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Menlo Park
2001 June 2 (Saturday) 21:08 

wow, this works.