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LargeType2 shows your selected text at huge font sizes. Hooray!

Drop it in your app folder, log out and back in again, then experience a brave new world of shadowed white-on-black text and draggable translucent windows! Just choose "LargeType" from the Services menu, or right-click and go to Services in the handy contextual menu.

For even more convenience, assign "LargeType" a keyboard shortcut through the keyboard system prefs!

Download LargeType2 now!

LargeType2 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

LargeType2 is ultimately inspired by the Address Book "Large Type" phone numbers feature. The original LargeType (by Cold Pizza Software) was abandoned, so LargeType2 reproduces its functionality on modern machines.

This program was originally called "aLgrTepy2e" (it was a little-endian joke). It had the disadvantage of being unpronounceable.

What's New

Version 1.1 - 2016 October 16 Version 1.0 - 2014 August 31

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