goodbye, TeleSails

I just transferred from telesales (spelled TeleSails) to the box office side of the operation at Blue and Gold Fleet last week. For those not in the know, Blue and Gold runs the boats that go to Alcatraz, among other places, and during the summer, I was taking orders over the phone for people who wanted to buy tickets. Just before Labor Day, John from the box office informed me that all their CARs (I still don’t know what it stands for) were quitting on them to go back to school, and they needed more people, and would you like to transfer over? I told him I’d think about it. I thought about the extra money I’d make, and how I’d have entire days free with a new work schedule, and how I wouldn’t have to sit in front of a terminal all day. I also thought about how the new job would kill my weekends, since I had to work Saturday and Sunday, but I figured, I don’t do anything on the weekends anyway, and why not make some money instead?

So last Thursday I started at the new job, where you wear a silly jacket and answer people’s questions and tear their tickets when they board the boat. It’s kind of fun, and aside from the sore legs from standing all day (you get used to it), it’s loads better than telesails. (“TeleSails, this is Dominic, howmayihelpyou?” “Do you have tickets for Alcatraz for today?” “We’re sold out.” “Really?” “Yes.” “Really?” “Yes.” “…wow…” repeat ad infinitum)

I told Tim (my old boss at the media access center) that i was tearing tickets for blue and gold fleet now, and he made fun of me. I suppose it’s amusing, but I actually prefer it. Most higher-prestige jobs make you do all sorts of unhealthy and unnatural things, like sit and type all day, or work late and stressful hours, so I’m glad I’m avoiding that for the time being.