Movable Type!

I spent today converting my old blogs to this nifty new system. The main advantage over blogger is that you can have yearly archives, instead of monthly.

I haven’t been posting much at all this year, due to the stress of taking my MA oral exam (I passed!), commuting to Stanford for the LSA Institute over the summer (it was interesting, but for some reason not as fun as Santa Barbara—perhaps it was the expensive on-campus housing, or the shorter length), and finally this semester GSI-ing 130 (historical linguistics) and taking field methods and trying to work on QP’s all at once, which David M. said was “near suicidal”. Next semester I’ll be GSR-ing for STEDT, which should be more amenable to my work habits.

Let’s see, what else is good about this new system… I think you can put in comments, and there’s also an RSS feed too, I think…