handy chart for Yi script

The Yi (Nuosu) script is crazy! I’ve been trying to learn Nuosu, and have made a handy reference chart (inspired by the jiǎnzhì 简志, which has a foldout chart in the back).

Some of the characters are adapted from Chinese. See, e.g., cyp ꋍ ‘one’, nyip ꑍ ‘two’, suo ꌕ ‘three’, ly ꇖ ‘four, fut ꃘ ‘six’. The characters have been turned 90 degrees clockwise since their inception. So unturn it in your mind, and you’ll see the resemblance [cf. 一二三四六].

By the way, the -t and -p are tone marks: -t is high tone, -p is low tone (and -x is rising).

PDF and html versions below: