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Phoenix Slides is a fast full-screen slideshow program/image browser, for flipping through folders or disks full of images. Phoenix Slides also does lossless JPEG transformations and can display EXIF data. It runs on macOS 10.13 or later.

Version 1.5.9 released 2024 May 15
Download Phoenix Slides 1.5.9 (885 KB) - or download on github

For OS X 10.9-10.12, download version 1.4.7 (659 KB)
For OS X 10.3-10.8, download version 1.3.1 (870 KB)


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2024.05.15 1.5.9 2024.05.07 1.5.8

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And/or a recent-ish blog post here: Phoenix Slides Lives!


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See what others have to say about Phoenix Slides!

"Phoenix Slides is blazingly fast. With my 1000+ photos, iPhoto smoulders along, but the phoenix burns right though them." --Eugene Liu

Phoenix shows the directory structure perfectly, and having them display full screen one by one or as manual or timed slide shows is just perfect. The ability to play a slide show including subdirectories is just brilliant. Well done, and thank you for a very professional piece of software. --ChrisG_UK, versiontracker

Exactly what I was looking for! A way to browse my photos without importing to iPhoto. I can also scroll through folders in full screen using the mouse buttons. Well done! --steve, versiontracker


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