Coco Spanish subtitles

If you watch Coco in Spanish and turn on the Spanish subtitles you might notice that they don’t match up. Apparently this is because the Spanish audio track is created to match up with what’s going on on screen (including the mouth movements of the characters), whereas the subtitles are translated from the English dialogue.

Well, obsessive-compulsive me has spent the last few days transcribing the actual Spanish dialogue, with some help from various online sources which had parts of it, but never all of it and never all of it matching the movie completely. (You can find these yourself by searching for lines from the dialogue in quotes, e.g. the first line “a veces siento que tengo un hechizo”.)

Here is the file! (94 KB)

There’s probably a couple (or a lot) of mistakes in there, so if you catch anything I got wrong or missed let me know and I can fix it!